This site is here to help you become a better artist.

That’s right, the sole purpose of this site is to help you get better at drawing. I’m not here to brag about my drawing abilities or bore you with my daily life. I just want you to get better at drawing. If I can do that, I’m happy. I’ve accomplished something wonderful in life.

Sounds simple, right? You know, helping others to create a better world. How can someone mess that up?

Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people do. They’re either too focused on their art or something else and completely forget about the end user. And that’s sad. Real sad.

As much as I’d like to, I can’t change that. They’ve made up their mind and went down that rabbit hole. However, I can make sure this site doesn’t fall into that trap.

No, I’m going to create an awesome site for artists. One that they can rely on for quality and integrity. A place where they can go to meet like-minded individuals and ask for support. Somewhere where the focus is on the end user and not the author.

So, if you agree with me, please let me know by following and joining the discussions! Have a second to spare? Post a comment or share the articles! These are the types of activities that have a profound impact on the site. Most important of all — they’re free and easy to do.

For those of you already supporting this site, thank you so much. I can’t stress enough how much your support helps. Thanks!

Drawing Manga Characters.com is a site made especially for YOU!

All it wants to do is help, support, and nourish you into the awesome artist it knows you are!

About Me

Although I preach about drawing, I’m not your typical artist. No, I’m probably the furthest thing you can think of when it comes to art. I don’t have a formal background in art. Nor do I have an inherent gift of drawing. All I have is my passion for art.

A passion that has landed me several jobs in the art community. I’ve designed websites, created logos, and even landed a job doing 3d modeling. All of that without an art degree or formal art education!


That’s why I’m adamant about your abilities as an artist. I know you can draw, paint, sculpt, or whatever if you put your mind to it. Heck, if I was able to do it, so can you! It just requires the right guidance and direction. Something that is lacking in today’s world — but I’ll change that.

Let me guide you into the wonderful world of drawing. To show you what you can do with the right resources and instruction. You don’t need to be a prodigy or a genius to draw. You just need some passion and a good teacher. I’ll try to do the later, but you’ll need to supply the former. :)

Yamada Parker

If you’ve made it this far down, we have the same interests!

Don’t you think we’d be AWESOME friends!?

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