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What's so awesome about this school?

Available When You Are

It doesn’t get sick or take time off.  It’s (pretty much) here to help you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Fair and Honest

It’s hard coded to treat everyone equally and grade everyone honestly.

Fully Automated

It can help everyone simultaneously and instantaneously!

Detailed and Thorough

Each lesson is accompanied with detailed videos and step by step instructions!

Never Gets Tired

Even if you need to take the same lesson 1000 times, it doesn’t give up on you!

Completely Free

Now, who doesn’t like that? :)

Solid Roadmap

It gives you an easy to follow road map to manga mastery.

Trackable Progress

Even if you take a long hiatus, it’ll remember you when you come back!

Everything In 1 Place

No more searching the internet for information.  Everything you need is right here!

Doesn't that sound AWESOME!?

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Do you want to draw? Are you just starting out? Then this site is for you!

The sole purposes of this site is to help you get better at drawing. That’s right, I just want you to get better. Whether that is with drawing tutorials, art related posts, or just providing an friendly atmosphere for you to ask questions, I’m here to help you.

Together, let us create an awesome community of artists who want to help, share, and connect with like minded individuals. You don’t need to be Pablo Picasso to join this club. All you need to do is like art and join the discussions!


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Let me know what you think!

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A Personal Thank You from Yamada

Hi, my name’s Yamada and I wanted to take this time to personally THANK YOU for visiting this site and taking an interest in this school. It really means a lot to me that you’re giving me this chance to help you and I’m going to make sure it’s worth your time.

Through this school, I’m going to teach you everything I know about drawing. From anatomy to perspective, my goal as your friend is to create a series of lessons that you can easily follow to become an awesome artist!

However, a school is nothing without its students. Thus, I really need your help more than you need mine. Please let me know your thoughts on this school. Your feedback is very important to me, this school, and other students. Together, let’s turn this into the most awesome thing on the internet!

Your friend,


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