How to Draw the Neck - Stage 3 (Video)

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How to Draw the Neck - Stage 3 (Text)

Welcome back and thanks again for completing that last lesson. You’re doing great so far! Keep up the good work.

Now that you have drawn the neck a couple of times, hopefully you’re starting to get the hang of it. If not do not worry, you still have all the time in the world! Just hang in there; you’ll get there soon.

For the next stage, let’s draw the neck from the back.

To make it a bit more interesting, let’s have the character slightly turn its head so the spine isn’t straight and you can see the front muscles as well.

Picture of the Neck from the Back

As mentioned before, at this angle the spine is going to be slightly curved from the back. Basically, you’ll need to draw a line from the base of the skull to the middle of the back, but just make sure the lines are curved and not straight.

Picture of the Skeletal Layer

Next, you’ll need to draw the muscles starting with the trapezius. Again, this is a big muscle starting at the base of the skull going all the way down to the mid back. It then forms a diamond by going to the shoulders and then back to the skull.

Picture of the Trapezius

You’ll also be able to see the sternocleidomastoid at this angle. They’ll start behind the ear end at the collar bone which we can’t see.

Picture of the Sternocleidomastoids

Finally, when drawing the skin, make sure to draw a prominent line for the sternocleidomastoid since they’re in use, as well maybe another line for some skin wrinkles since the neck is scrunched up around there.

Picture of the Skin Wrinkles

Last, draw a bump or two for the spine where it sticks out and you’re done.

Picture of the Spine

I’ll be turning it over to you now. Good luck. I’ll be waiting for you on the next stage.

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