Drawing Manga Characters School Error Screenshot

After the last post, I was so excited to receive a few messages about the project!

Thank you so much for the feedback!

At first, I was worried that this wouldn’t be something you wanted, but I was wrong! It seems like people do want this and I’m so excited!

Since you are the most important part of this project, I definitely want to keep you up-to-date. However, there’s a fine line between spam and updates and I don’t want to be the former.

So, what do you think is the optimal frequency of development updates? Would you rather have weekly, monthly, or just 1 post after it’s all done? For starters, I’ll try weekly but don’t hesitate to let me know your preference!

So, what happened last week? A lot!

  • I was able to get the server and client talking!
  • I hooked up several of the pre-lesson screens like the title and login screens!
  • I added some error dialogs just in case something unexpected happens!

That’s about it for last week. Stay tuned for this week!

— Yamada