Drawing Manga Characters School Score Screenshot

Another week has passed and much has happened!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • I got the database up and running!
  • I got the account related emails working!
  • I got a few more screens done!

With each passing week, we are getting closer to a final product!

Making this software reminds me how lucky it is to be a part of this community. Not only do I get a chance to turn my dreams into reality, but I also get to see beautiful art and meet extraordinary people! People who aren’t hesitant to express their ideas, lend a helping hand, or offer their wisdom. People like you, who are creative, supportive, and most importantly unique!

Although you may disagree with that last statement, trust me when I say this — you are all of those things!! You are imaginative, original, and awesome in your own way! I have yet to meet an artist who wasn’t. It just takes a little bit of time for them to see that.

With this software, I hope to make that process a little bit easier (and faster) for the beginner. Because, once you know the basics, I’m sure you’ll take off in amazing ways!

Thanks again for everything,